Spring Sure Beats Winter!

Spring is officially here. The robins are back.  The flowers are poking through the ground.  Spring can bring a feeling of renewed hope and optimism.  The warmer temperatures and longer days certainly help.   We all need periods of spring in our lives.  Times when we can embrace the positive and be grateful for what we have.

It is easy to get emotionally lost in the cold and dark winter times of hardship. I struggle with this and I know many of you do too.  It’s easy to be down when long-term friends and employees retire, or move on to other things.  Dealing with new team members and learning how to work with them is challenging.  Then things start to click and you realize you have a new asset and things are once again spring-like.

Last summer we sold our house of 24 years and moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment. Now there was a winter-like moment in our lives.  Especially when it lasted all winter.  Last month we finally moved into our new home and the spring-like attitude is amazing.  The emotions of space, warmth and endless possibilities are overwhelming.  Making the short stint in the apartment seem insignificant.

I recently attended a memorial for a 39 year old young man who I have known for over 25 years. What a sad thing.  No sense can be made of his untimely death.  But meeting his young daughter was a sign that life will go on.  Seeing the family gathering together for the first time in years gave some additional purpose to the event.  The winter of that event will last a long time, but spring will come.  The signs are there.

Yesterday morning, a young man I admire very much lost his father suddenly. I feel so sad for him and his family.  It also got me thinking of my father.  He had his first heart attack in the early 80’s and I have been expecting that dreaded call of bad news almost every day since then.  But I still talk to him almost every week and he is still doing pretty well.  I realize every time I talk to him is like another unexpected spring day in our relationship.

Although I have been overwhelmed by the sad news yesterday morning, I must also appreciate the good things happening today. Our hygienist Jenn had her baby this afternoon.  Baby Avery sprang into the world at 7 pounds 0 ounces.  Mother and daughter are recovering nicely.  We all look forward to meeting the newest member of our dental family.

So even though winter comes and darkens our lives every now and again, we can always count on spring to follow. Join me in dealing with the winter like events as calmly as possible and let’s embrace the spring times of our lives and appreciate the beauty and joy that they bring.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Bruce

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Kids are People Too!

In February we concentrate on children’s teeth. Here is a blog I wrote in 2011 about Children’s Dental Health!

Bruce Sexton DDS, Wayland, Michigan Family Dentistry

I’m sure many of us have heard that phrase before.  To me it means children deserve consideration.  They are an important and necessary part of our lives.  That thought leads me to my point this month:  Baby Teeth are Teeth Too!  They also are an important and necessary part of our lives that deserve consideration.  Because primary teeth (baby teeth) are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, many people don’t realize that primary teeth are very important for a child’s long-term dental health.

Children need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food.  Cavities and tooth loss can make it impossible for a child to eat properly.  This can affect his or her overall level of health.  Speech development can also be affected by premature tooth loss.  In addition, lost teeth can also lower a child’s self-esteem during the important formative years. 

Many of the primary teeth remain in the mouth until the…

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Looking Back at 58 Years of Frustration!

I turned 58 this week. So I took some time to reflect on those many, many years.

Less than a year before I was born, the Detroit Lions won the NFL Championship. Since then, the Lions have won ONE (1) playoff game.  That’s right, one playoff win in 58 years.  In 1991 they rode the emotional energy from a player injury to a division championship and a thrilling 38-6 win over Dallas to get into the NFC championship.  Which they lost 41-10!

In the other 57 years, the Lions are 0-10 in the playoffs. As a matter of fact, that 1993 division championship was their last Division title.  To put that in perspective, the other 15 teams in the Lions’ conference (the NFC) have ALL won THREE (3) division titles since then.  That’s a lot of Lions fan frustration!

So, why am I a Lions fan? Unfortunately, that is also age related.  When I grew up there was no Sunday Ticket, no cable, no Sunday Night Football, no Thursday Night Football, there wasn’t even Monday Night Football.  There was a game on at 1pm Sunday and another at 4pm.  Since I grew up outside the NFL “Blackout Zone” (areas close to the team stadiums) we got to watch the Lions every week as part of a regional telecast.  This was a great way for the NFL to build fan interest for teams close to you.  However, no one took into account the fact that I got stuck with the Lions.

When I went to college in Ann Arbor, most of my friends were from the Detroit area and were, of course, Lions fans. I would go with them to Lions games, even taking part in the tradition of Lions home football on Thanksgiving Day several times.  One Monday night a car load of us drove to my house, 2 hours away, to watch the Lions since the NFL “Blackout Zone” included Ann Arbor.

Once I left school, I was hooked. A step-son who is a Bears fan and a son who is a Packers fan could not sway me.  I have spent many Sunday afternoons cheering and crying with my Lions.  I have watched Barry Sanders, one of the greatest running backs of all time.  As good as he was, he could only help the Lions to that one playoff win.  Calvin Johnson (a certain hall of famer) was a beast at wide receiver, yet he never played on a team that won a playoff game or a division title.  Charlie Sanders and Lem Barney are Hall of Fame favorites who could not carry the Lions over the hump.

Unfortunately, you get used to this as a Lions fan. This year we got to 9-4 after winning 8 out of 9 and coming from behind to win 7 of them.  At that point the Lions had a 2 game lead on the entire division with 3 games to play.  My thoughts:  “I wonder how we are going to blow it this time.”  And here we are!  We need to beat our biggest nemesis, the Green Bay Packers, in order to get our first Division Title in 23 years.  The Green Bay Packers are 39-16 against us since 1990.  (My son was born in 1990. If you wondered why he was a Packer fan: he’s smart!)

So I will be watching and cheering for my Lions this weekend. But as a too often burned fan, I am placing most of my hopes on The Giants beating the Redskins.  This will allow the Lions to reach the playoffs without having to win.  Seems appropriate.

Faithfully frustrated fan,

Dr. Bruce

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Happy Halloween!

I got to thinking about Halloween over the weekend. It is a very unique holiday.  How you view and celebrate depends on so many factors.  Your age is a big factor of course, but your community, your social group, your family background and even the weather factor in to how you will spend Halloween.  On top of that, Halloween has evolved over the years.  Even year to year the popular costumes change and what is socially acceptable or politically correct varies also.

As a child, my Halloween involved a simple costume (pirate, hobo, football player) and a planned route to maximize candy! My friends and I would meet at one side of town and cover as many streets as possible until we got to the other side of town.  Our small town was laid out in a grid making planning this route fairly simple.

High school and college involved parties and more elaborate costumes. Back then politically correct wasn’t a term yet, and many of the college costumes proved that.  When I first moved to Wayland, Halloween parties with new friends were a social event I looked forward to every year.

As a newly-wed, the couples costume was the most important thing. Then, as a parent, Halloween became all about showing off your child in their adorable costume.  After that, it was mostly about worrying if it would rain or snow, or how to get that winter jacket under the power ranger costume.

Today there is trunk trick or treating, Haunted Halls in schools and the Halloween weekend is just as important as the day itself. I see photos of parties on Facebook, and see the costumes of kids and adults.  Thinking about it makes me a little sad.  Sara and I haven’t dressed up in years.  We are moving to the country and may never get trick or treaters again.  Sara makes the occasional costume for a grown child of grandchild, but I think Halloween may be passing us by.

It’s a shame that a holiday with so many wonderful memories now may go by virtually unnoticed. Well, maybe I won’t let that happen. I will wear a costume at work and embrace Halloween.  I will provide candy and donuts for employees and patients.  I will make sure it is a fun day at the office.   After all, Halloween and all that candy is job security!!

Thanks for Reading,

Dr. Bruce

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It’s Almost October!

October means so many things to our office. Saturday October 1st is the Wayland Chamber Community Expo.  We will be participating again this year.  Come check out our booth right inside the door of the Middle School gym.

Personally, October 1st brings bow season.  I will probably be out in my stand watching for deer before expo even starts this Saturday morning.

Professionally, October brings National Dental Hygiene Month. Normally this is where I would brag about how wonderful our hygienists are, but I’m leaving that up to you!  Go to our Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/WaylandFamilyDentistBruceSexton/ and let everyone know who your favorite hygienist is: Carrie, Heather, Jenn, Rebekah, or even Jill or Diane.  Let your hygienist know she is appreciated.

Being a hygienist is an interesting job. They are dedicated to helping you have healthy teeth and gums.  The hardest part for them is getting patients to follow the path to oral health.  Patient compliance is the biggest challenge faced by hygienists.  Over 50% of the households in America NEVER buy floss.  Contrary to recent media hype, flossing is the single best thing you can do to keep your gums healthy.

So, I am challenging you! Honor your hygienist and follow their directions.  Floss!!!  Once you get in the habit, it takes less than a minute one time a day!  Do it for Carrie! Buy the electronic toothbrush they have been recommending for years!  A Sonicare or an Oral B mechanical brush will clean your teeth up to 40% better than you can!  Do it for Heather! Invest in a Waterpik!!  We see amazing results from this machine.  Do it for Jenn! Take an interest in your oral health.  Listen to the numbers from your perio exam.  Ask questions when you don’t understand.  Respect the fact that your hygienist is working for you and with you to make YOUR mouth healthy.  Do it for Rebekah, Jill, Diane or whoever your hygienist is.  They work hard for you, work a little harder for them.

The next time you visit your hygienist, thank them for their interest in your problems. Listen to their advice.  Then get off your butt and follow their recommendations.  You owe it to yourself and to your hard working dental hygienist.

Thanks for Reading,

Dr. Bruce

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There’s something in your teeth!

Do you have one of those annoying little spots where you always get food stuck? Perhaps you have an area where the stringy things like beef and chicken pack themselves into.  If you can’t get up from a meal without taking some of it with you, you may have a bigger problem than you think.

If food is packing in there, so is plaque and bacteria. Unless you are an Olympic worthy flosser, this situation is a time bomb waiting to go off.  First your gums can become inflamed.  This red, spongy, bleeding tissue makes it easier for bacteria to thrive.  In addition to gingivitis, this bacteria can cause loss of bone support and receding gums.  This is periodontal disease, and it will progress until treated.

You could be one of the lucky ones and have a low level of periodontal causing bacteria. In that case, you more than likely have an abundance of decay causing germs.  This means the food trap is allowing these bugs to attack the teeth on either side of the space.  This decay often is hard to detect until it has caused some very large cavities. These food trap cavities often involve so much tooth structure that crowns are needed and sometimes teeth are not repairable and must be extracted.

Most people fall somewhere in between. A little inflammation, some tissue recession and often some decay.  Even without all these potential problems, isn’t that spot just plain annoying?  Then tell your dentist or hygienist.    There are so many times in our office that we find a problem area and the patient will say, “Yeah, I’ve been getting food trapped in there for quite a while.”

If addressed early, food traps can often be fixed with minor procedures. Please don’t wait until we find a deep periodontal pocket or a huge cavity under that old filling. Let us know you are getting food caught in there so we can help you.

Unless you enjoy carrying a snack with you everywhere you go?

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Bruce

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The Why!

Why would you want to work in peoples’ mouths? That is a question I hear a lot.  But the same type of question could be asked of anyone.  Why do we do what we do?  The answers vary from person to person.  For some, it’s what their dad or mother did.  For others it’s just the best job they could find.  For the lucky few, it is something they are passionate about.

I got very lucky. A family friend was a dentist, and he steered me toward dentistry.  He had good arguments.  You are your own boss, you set your own hours, you make decent money and you get to help people.  All of that sounded great to a teenage kid from a small town.

The next lucky thing happened at college. I became friends with another student who wanted to go to dental school.  Our discussions solidified my desire to become a dentist.  Entering dental school was a little less scary with a friend at my side.

As I began practicing, dentistry went from something I wanted to do to something I love. I embraced continuing education and I love the fact that dentistry is always changing.  I employed coaches to help me be the best dentist and leader I could be. I hired great people and gave them excellent training.  Being surrounded by awesome people makes every day a good one.

So here I am working good hours, making decent money, in a profession that continues to grow and improve. I have a great team making every day enjoyable and superb coaches keeping us on the right path.  The only boss I answer to is my wife Sara, and I don’t mind that at all.  It’s not a bad gig.

But guess what, none of that is my why. Why do I love dentistry?  Because of the people!  I get to interact with so many people every day.   I get the satisfaction of talking a terrified patient through a procedure and showing them dentistry doesn’t have to be painful or scary.  I get the joy of performing the first filling on a child and having them happy and comfortable the whole time.  This usually astounds mom, which gives me even more happiness.  I love helping people obtain the oral health they want, need and deserve.  Most importantly is the relationships I have formed over the last 30 years.  If I’m having a bad day or things don’t seem to be going right, I spend a few extra minutes chatting, joking and catching up with the patients in the schedule.  This always cheers me up and makes my day better.

I got lucky to land here and I am blessed to call Wayland my home. The people in the Wayland area have been very good to me. They are my “WHY”!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Bruce

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