Spring Sure Beats Winter!

Spring is officially here. The robins are back.  The flowers are poking through the ground.  Spring can bring a feeling of renewed hope and optimism.  The warmer temperatures and longer days certainly help.   We all need periods of spring in our lives.  Times when we can embrace the positive and be grateful for what we have.

It is easy to get emotionally lost in the cold and dark winter times of hardship. I struggle with this and I know many of you do too.  It’s easy to be down when long-term friends and employees retire, or move on to other things.  Dealing with new team members and learning how to work with them is challenging.  Then things start to click and you realize you have a new asset and things are once again spring-like.

Last summer we sold our house of 24 years and moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment. Now there was a winter-like moment in our lives.  Especially when it lasted all winter.  Last month we finally moved into our new home and the spring-like attitude is amazing.  The emotions of space, warmth and endless possibilities are overwhelming.  Making the short stint in the apartment seem insignificant.

I recently attended a memorial for a 39 year old young man who I have known for over 25 years. What a sad thing.  No sense can be made of his untimely death.  But meeting his young daughter was a sign that life will go on.  Seeing the family gathering together for the first time in years gave some additional purpose to the event.  The winter of that event will last a long time, but spring will come.  The signs are there.

Yesterday morning, a young man I admire very much lost his father suddenly. I feel so sad for him and his family.  It also got me thinking of my father.  He had his first heart attack in the early 80’s and I have been expecting that dreaded call of bad news almost every day since then.  But I still talk to him almost every week and he is still doing pretty well.  I realize every time I talk to him is like another unexpected spring day in our relationship.

Although I have been overwhelmed by the sad news yesterday morning, I must also appreciate the good things happening today. Our hygienist Jenn had her baby this afternoon.  Baby Avery sprang into the world at 7 pounds 0 ounces.  Mother and daughter are recovering nicely.  We all look forward to meeting the newest member of our dental family.

So even though winter comes and darkens our lives every now and again, we can always count on spring to follow. Join me in dealing with the winter like events as calmly as possible and let’s embrace the spring times of our lives and appreciate the beauty and joy that they bring.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Bruce

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